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Gripe Water

So for the list of baby things to buy, u guys all know a hell lot of recommendations. What new moms dont usually do a lot of research on…r the little things, like gripe water, cotton swabs, etc. No blames there, who has the time. So if someone comes across this post here is my recommendation

Mommy’s Bliss Gripe Water… it is the best gripe water there is. I was actually lucky that I had my hands on a good one. It is just amazing, first off it is pure, like natural. Second it has ginger extract and fennel extract in it. These both are home remedies that have been used for ages to relieve stomach gas and discomfort. It has NO , so it is safe for the baby.

I personally recommend it, it is very effective yet gentle for baby. My baby has had no problems every drinking it. Whenever he has any discomfort the product works like a charm (and i have a GERD baby )

Its a little pricey, like $13 at Walmart. However, it truly is mommy’s bliss. I don’t care about the money when i see my baby getting relieved. Highly recommended !! Here is an amazon link for u



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